Korat – Baan Bu Sai – Jungle Lover’s Edition

Get ready to take a much needed vacation and immerse yourself in wonderful new experiences as you embark on an unforgettable “Gastronomy Journey”. This trip combines standout local food with stunning nature and local customs and a journey deep into the jungle with nature lover “Tik” Jesdaporn Pholdee. Join the fun and feast in the forest!

 Day 1

09.00 hrs. Check in at Baan Bu Sai Homestay (cost of 1800 baht/person)

An organic farm run by locals which gives visitors a real taste of rural life and agricultural practices. The people of Baan Bu Sai rely on years of local wisdom to enable them to live harmoniously with the nature that surrounds them.

09.30 hrs. Fun with mushroom picking

Take a trip on a local “E-Tok” tractor and enjoy the great views on both sides as you enter the mushroom cultivation area. Here you will find oyster mushrooms and the highly valued Lingzhi mushrooms and observe how they are turned into various products like fermented sausages and rice crackers.

12.30 hrs. Lunch

Time to refuel after a morning of agriculture and sample some of the local delights from the chef. Delicacies such as “Kaeng Proe” curry, spicy bamboo shoot salad and salad made with fermented mushroom sausages will be served up for those adventurous food lovers looking to sample a truly authentic meal.

14.00 hrs. Uncle Inn’s Jujube Orchard

Uncle Inn’s crispy “fresh milk” jujubes are so delicious and so in demand that fruit lovers have to order them months in advance, but a visit to Wang Nam Kiew, Korat presents you with the chance to savour these legendary fruits straight from the tree.

15.00 hrs. Chrysanthemum Field

Stop off at this vast, colourful Chrysanthemum field, a great place to take a few memorable snaps.

17.30 hrs. Paa Keb Tawan Cliff

Take in a majestic sunset and watch the sun disappear in a blaze of orange and red behind the nearby mountain peaks.

19.30 hrs. Hia Kae’s Fried Oysters and Pad Thai Noodles (Not included in the community activities)

This restaurant serves up Pad Thai made to the original recipe with large, meaty prawns, sticky “sen jan” noodles and a sweet and sour sauce. The fried oysters also can’t be missed; sizeable oysters with crispy batter made to owner Hia Kae’s special recipe and served with a special tangy dipping sauce.

Prices start at 100 baht