Chiang Mai – Seeking out both health and flavour

Treat yourself to a totally new tourist experience with this “Leisure Taste” tour and seek out the best tasting healthy food you can imagine. Follow the well known physicist, Doctor Pyong, owner of the Pyong: TravelerxDoctor page and trendsetting jewelry designer Vinna Patarain on a quest for culinary goodness. Step this way for good health and great excitement.


Day 1

09.00 -10.30 Mae Manee Restaurant

One of Chiang Mai’s original and best loved “Khao Soi” noodle vendors. The full-flavoured curried noodles here were deserving of their entry in the 2020 Michelin guide. There’s a choice of pork, beef or chicken and each bowl is served with an abundance of toppings and condiments like shallots, pickled mustard greens and fresh limes to enhance the flavours and please the palate.

Dishes priced at 50-100 baht


11.15 Baan Wasuntara (cost of activities and lunch 1500 baht/person)

Visit this organic orchard and pick some vegetables to be made into “Miang Khum”, a savoury snack eaten in betel leaves. All the flowers and vegetables here are chemical free and ready to be eaten.

  • Activities may change according to season

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14.15 hrs. Check in to Makka Hotel

A Buddhist themed hotel in the heart of Chiang Mai city with a serene, relaxing vibe and an extensive range of facilities. Every last corner is beautifully decorated; modern in style but echoing the essence of Buddhism.


 17.30 hrs. Charoen Suan Ek Restaurant

A local restaurant still serving up the unmistakable taste of the Lanna era. Order from the vast and varied menu and sample some of the northern delicacies like “Jeun Neung” a steamed beef dish with soft tendons or “Kaeng Pak Chiang Da” a slightly bitter, savoury soup with a kick that features local vegetables as well as rare treats, like buffalo meat salad and other game meats.

Dishes start at 60-100 baht


Day 2 


8.00 -9.00 hrs  Breakfast at the hotel

10.30 hrs Check out

11.00 Kaeng Wela Restaurant

An eatery located in an old warehouse which specializes in curries and changes its menu on a daily basis. One hard-to-find dish that is often served up here is “Kaeng Wela” the local variation of the world famous southern Massaman curry, made from with generous chunks of tender beef.   


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13.30 hrs. The Golden Triangle Hang Dong

Check out an art gallery and some wonderful antique furniture and interior decorations from Myanmar, India, Pakistan and Slovakia. If a piece catches your eye, you are welcome to ask the price and take it home.


14.40 The House by Ginger

This organic restaurant was awarded by Michelin in their 2020 guide and serves up Thai, local cuisine and a small selection of western fare. It also features a fashion zone where visitors can shop for clothing and chic household decorations.

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 Note : For those who wish to take part in the activities at Baan Wasuntara, please book in advance.

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