“Bangkok’s Hidden Hotspots – Pop Culture Edition”

Take in Bangkok’s pop culture highlights on this urban culinary route accompanied by the luscious Sara Lex, top designer Au Panya PJ and Thai fashion’s rising star Nooknick TabdT. See the art of cuisine through the eyes of these three cool, creative celebrities and enjoy some fun, funky food!


Day 1

10.00 hrs Take a stroll around the Guti Jeen community surrounding Santa Cruz Church

11.00 Baan Sakul Tong – Guti Jeen Community (Activities including lunch 1,500 baht/person)

A wooden house in the midst of this thriving ancient community with many Siam-Portuguese delights available to taste and an on-site cooking class where visitors can try their hand at making “Mhoo Sarong”, traditional style wrapped pork balls.

Link Shop: https://shop2.thailandfoodparadise.com/shop.php?shop=MTU4&type=Mg==


12.00 hrs. Lunch

Portuguese Lunch Set

  • Main dishes : Rice noodles with chicken curry, Portuguese “Tom Khem” soup, ”Tom Mafad” thick vegetable broth, Saeng Yod rice
  • Savoury snacks : Steamed dumplings filled with chicken , “Mhoo Sarong” traditional style wrapped pork balls, Golden pastry baskets with “Sap Yaek” filling, “Thong Plu” buns with salted centres
  • Sweets : “Som Chun” fruit salad
  • Beverages : Roselle juice, water


15.00 hrs. Hide Park Café

A garden bistro style eatery that whisks diners away to London during a mild English summer. Treat your senses and your palate with some scenic surroundings and standout dishes like the Hide Park Burger Egg Benedict

Prices start at 200-400 baht


17.30 hrs. Check-in Beat Hotel

Get some much needed rest and relaxation surrounded by funky street art at Beat Hotel, situated a stone’s throw from Phra Khanong BTS station. The rooms are clean, spacious and the walls are adorned with colourful graffiti and urban images.

 Rooms start at 1200 baht/night


19.00 hrs. Suea Restaurant, Sukhumvit 31

Located in Sukhumvit 31, not far from downtown Bangkok’s prime nightlife zone, this homely looking restaurant features an extraordinary menu, made up of dishes crafted from carefully selected ingredients and absolutely no artificial flavourings from MSG. Mackerel with fresh chili, grilled squid and crispy pork rind omelette are just a few of the favourites here.


Day 2

08.00 hrs.  Breakfast and leisure time at the hotel

10.30hrs. Check out

11.00 hrs. H Dining

A warm, cozy café surrounded by rows of lofty trees with many photo-friendly spots. The menu here is brim full of tempting dishes, both sweet and savoury and the Smoked salmon on rye bread with sour cream and seafood is simply unmissable.

Dishes priced at 180-500 baht

Link Shop: https://shop2.thailandfoodparadise.com/shop.php?shop=MTA3OA==&type=Mg==


Note : Visitors wishing to join the activities at Baan Sakul Tong – Guti Jeen should book in advance

Contact Khun Tan on 095-924-8514